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We'll meet you wherever you are!


Our family owned and operated auto body collision repair facility is located in RichmondB.C

We have served fleet management companies, dealerships, and everyday families alike. Whoever you are, we can provide you with the best professional vehicle painting and auto body repair in Vancouver.

Fully Tooled to Perform Any Collision Repair

Our technicians can fix:

  • Painting
  • Scrapes and scratches
  • Dents
  • Plastic Repairs
  • General deterioration of car shine due to weathering
  • Uni-Body Repairs

   And more!

Our Services Include:

Repairs and estimates

For non-insurance repair work, we provide you with an estimate of repairs for your approval. Estimates are offered free of charge.

Dent Repair

Car dents can stick out like sore thumbs. We work diligently to remove dings, dents and other minor body damage that may have happened to your car from everyday occurrences. Come in today to get those dents repaired!

Car bumper damage repair

Fender benders can leave a lasting scar that will ruin the look of your vehicle. Our auto body professionals will take great care when it comes to repairing your car bumper and will meticulously color match the paint to your car. Whether it’s a small scratch or a complete bumper replacement, we will go above and beyond your expectations to get the job done..

Plastic repair

There are generally two types of plastic repairs, depending whether the plastic is cracked, chipped or misshaped. Most cracked and chipped plastics can be repaired, only severe cases require replacement. For a better understanding of the two types of repairs we will explain them step by step.


We can perform both spot and complete painting. Spot painting is needed when there are only a few areas that need to be touched up. We will match your exact color and make sure that it blends in with the original paint. In order to match a vehicle’s new finish with a vehicle’s existing finish, we use a computerized color matching software and a bank of colors to create an exact car paint color replica.

Scrapes and Scratches

No matter how careful you are, scrapes and scratches somehow always manage to find their way onto your car. Our professionals use the latest techniques and the best quality car care products in order to fix these imperfections.

Service Rims & Calipers

Come inquire about our detailed caliper jobs to finish that look you’ve been aiming for. Matte, gloss, or stain – there’s no colour too wild or idea to grand for your new shoes.

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