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By V. K. Rao

SYNOPSIS Cosmic Knights An drawing close unheard of disaster notable planet Earth results in one other planet making touch to warn and to assist. the main points of the approaching peril end up to be frightening past what earth may well ever have skilled. within the technique cosmic truth is unraveled and Earth for the 1st time within the background of the planet is available in touch with a hugely complicated civilization within the cosmos. with the intention to appreciating and accepting the alarm signs and falling in line for predicament administration, the involved areas of Earth exhibited vagaries of habit. This subjected the coordinating workforce on the earth and our cosmic visitors to extreme annoying classes. The Varasuryans are credited, for the persistence, selection and steadfastness exhibited in scuffling with the peril confronted through planet earth. In rendering aid during the disaster confronted by way of us, our cosmic acquaintances provide problematic proof of the kingdom of developments accomplished by means of them. on the finish of the assistance strategy, regardless of acute situational and time constraints they consent to a hurriedly prepared first assembly with Earthlings. in the little while on hand the Varasuryans accommodate Earth’s request, make serious preparations and descend all the way down to earth for the epochal first meet among planetary civilizations. on the meet the cosmic buddies brain bogglingly astound and fascinate Earth beings by way of sharing their reports of rendezvous with Earth over the past thousand years. Revelations in their societal constitution, styles and norms, clinical and technological developments, as additionally their postulates on evolution spin an internet of awe. So Earth can make the most of their developments, the cosmic buddies go away with provides and wish, for destiny and ongoing conferences. V.K.Rao

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